VAMPIRE Launcher Demonstrates Effectiveness in Ukraine

Photo: L3Harris Product Gallery.

The VAMPIRE multipurpose weapon system, developed by American defence technology contractor L3Harris, is already proving to be highly effective in Ukraine. This Vehicle-Agnostic Modular Palletised ISR Rocket Equipment is empowering Ukrainian ground forces by enabling them to pinpoint and eliminate enemy drones while safeguarding against ground threats from adversaries.

According to a public statement released by L3Harris on December 11, the VAMPIRE system boasts advanced reconnaissance and precision strike capabilities, crucial for protecting Ukrainian civilian infrastructure from potential enemy attacks. The system seamlessly integrates a WESCAM MX-10 RSTA targeting sensor with the Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System rocket munitions, ensuring rapid and accurate engagement of targets. Additionally, it incorporates a proximity fuse to enhance lethality against aerial threats.

Earlier this year, L3Harris secured a $40 million agreement with the US Department of Defence for 14 tailored VAMPIRE multipurpose weapon systems. This strategic collaboration aims to assist the Ukrainian military in targeting and neutralizing Russian drones, along with defending against ground threats. The contract allows the prime contractor to install VAMPIRE kits on US-provided vehicles, transforming them into portable missile launchers for battlefield combat support and critical infrastructure defence.

EOS Defence Systems USA, a subsidiary of Australian defence technology firm Electro Optic Systems, played a vital role in the process. Engaged under the US Department of Defence contract, EOS supplied positioning components for the VAMPIRE through an EOS AS-65 gimbal. This technology ensures precise aiming and firing of rockets, missiles, and other payloads, supporting ground-to-ground and ground-to-air delivery when integrated into the VAMPIRE system. The AS-65 is capable of tracking targets and firing a 70-millimeter guided rocket from a four-pack launcher.


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