Veteran ‘disgusted’ by politicians ‘grandstanding’ on Remembrance Day for Palestine

Former Special Forces Commando Heston Russell says he was disgusted by politicians who “grandstand” on the back of Remembrance Day to show support for Palestine. “I was disgusted by that …

I was disgusted by politicians who select to politically grandstand on the back of what is Remembrance Day,” Mr Russell told Sky News host Sharri Markson.

“To promote their support for Palestine or anyone other than Australian veterans.

“I cannot believe we’re at that place in Australia … we allow actions like the desecration of that memorial to occur … the common conversation is this is not the Australia I serve to support.”

Mr Russell sat down with Ms Markson to discuss Remembrance Day and the pro-Palestinian protesters desecrating a memorial.

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  • Alan Foyle November 14, 2023   Reply →

    Yes, Heston. This is not the Australia I served for 40 odd years. ANZAC Day, Australia Day, Remembrance Day all taken over by various activists pushing their BS and forcing it on Australians who just want to live in peace. As a Christian, I have nothing but disgust for the pro-Hamas demonstrations in Melbourne and Sydney. The Government and police in both states have the power to shut down these grubs but hey, that’s where the Labor voting population lives. The treatment of our Jewish citizens is an embarrassment to Australia. And lets release kiddy fiddlers (rock spiders) and hitmen back in to the population without measures to control them. I separate myself from the general population more and more every day.

  • Keith November 15, 2023   Reply →

    Didn’t we have a huge debate about the context of Hate speech and implied hate legislated in 17c that the Libs when challenged by Labor folded and didn’t repeal it as they had promised. Now we have these Palestinian supporters demonstrating publicly in direct contravention of that very act, against the Jewish population of Australia.
    Why hasn’t he AFP and the various state police taken action on these parasites to get them off the streets? Also letting off flares in a public place is against the law why wasn’t action taken? Simple answer to it all is that we have created the problem to the point that we have allowed minority Muslim Immigrants to dictate to us what is allowed and not allowed in our country. Yes 3 generations of us fought for Australia but not to end up the way it has.

  • Richard Barry OAM November 15, 2023   Reply →

    Change legislation that these people who hate Australia, these same people who took off from their country of origin because it was crap, the same people who were welcomed with open arms and heaps of financial support, can be sent back irrespective if they hold an Australian passport.

    • Alan Foyle November 16, 2023   Reply →

      Sounds good to me.

  • Ian Ballantyne November 16, 2023   Reply →

    Isnt Mr Russell similarly grandstanding….he has sought political office and continues to seek publicity.

    • Alan Foyle November 17, 2023   Reply →

      Do you think Heston is grandstanding? Really? I’d rather have him as the Minister of Defence rather than the current Labor clown and is assistant. Maybe veterans will get the service they deserve then. Just my humble opinion.

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