Veterans’ Privacy Breach Class Action investigation Team

For further information regarding this Class Action;   enclosed is the website address for Gordon Legal, the   Veterans’ Privacy Breach Class Action Investigation Team.

To protect your medical and personal information privacy; I recommend that join me and register your objection with Gordon Legal.

You must also register your protest with DVA, below, please find my letter to DVA, withdrawing my consent of third party access to my details:

Pass this information on to all of your fellow Gold Card Veterans.

For your amendment, Ralph Wollmers’ letter to DVA: 

E:  [email protected]

Dear Department of Veterans Affairs,

 I am writing to officially notify you that I do not consent to the sharing of my personal and medical information with any third-party organisations, including universities or research institutions, as per the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Recent developments have revealed that personal and medical data of veterans is being shared with institutions such as the University of South Australia. I find this to be an unacceptable breach of my privacy. You do not have my implied or explicit consent to use my data for the purposes you have been employing it for. I demand the immediate cessation of any data sharing of my personal and medical records.
Kindly confirm receipt of this email and your compliance with my request.
In the pleasure of your compliance, I remain,
Yours Aye,

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