From Heston Russell

The last few years have seen a turning point in our history as a nation and the way in which we allow our veterans to be treated here at home.

Trials by media over war crimes allegations have caused more damage to the lives and reputations of our Veterans than any enemy we fought overseas. As Veterans, we welcome any and all investigations into any allegations of conduct that goes against our values and the laws of war. However, too many of us have been exposed to actions and agendas by some that have and continue to cause issues for many within our veteran community.

Due process and the presumption of innocence have been replaced with haste to publish any allegations that have yet to be tested against the appropriate laws, and the presumption of guilt has been cast over all named, or implied as involved.

It is time for the voices of everyday Australians to be heard and decide what is needed.

I have developed a motion calling for the establishment of a Veterans’ Protection Act – an Act to better support our Veterans at home, for the current and future generations to come. Please go online to to read this motion and indicate if you do or do not support this via the options on that page.

I plan to travel to Canberra this month to campaign for this motion, where I will meet with any and all who will support this cause – just like I did to campaign for the Royal Commission.

Please take the time to complete the survey – your support, the real voices of everyday Australian people – is what will help us to achieve this.

Please share this far and wide to anyone you can reach in person and online. Joining our voices and numbers together is how we compel those in Canberra to actually do what the real Australian people want – because we will hold them accountable at the next election.

Please click the link go online to

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