Virtue signalling sure is an expensive business.

Welcome to Bowen and Albanese’s wonderful world of net zero.
For just $92,990, plus on-road costs you can drive away in a brand new, made in China, LDV eT60.
Dream of weekends away camping, caravaning or boating? Forget it, this beauty has a towing limit of 1,000kg and is only available in 2wd.
With a driving range of 330km (halved when towing or carrying a load), you better go without free floor mats and ask the salesman to throw in a diesel generator and a jerry can. You can just read a book (or 2) while you wait between 1 and 9 hours for a recharge.
Not convinced? Here’s the kicker, it’s ‘carbon neutral’. As long as you ignore its 3,050kg of steel, copper, lithium, nickel, manganese, cobalt, graphite, zinc and rare earths etc. Don’t forget to turn a blind eye to the coal fired power used in the factory, the diesel trains, trucks and ships used for transport and the fossil fuels you will use to charge it at night in the comfort of your own garage.
Virtue signalling sure is an expensive business.

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  • Clive Bond March 2, 2024   Reply →

    They never give us the full picture. That should tell us a lot because if they were honest there would be no climate crisis. The fact that they never mention that CO2 is a trace gas and 0.04% of the atmosphere and could never be the major driver of the climate tells us that this is a political/ideological campaign.

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