We are sick to death of the rank ingratitude of indigenous activists: Alan Jones

European settlement brought a level of civilisation to this continent that the original nomadic inhabitants had failed to achieve despite tens of thousands of years living here.

That European-style civilisation continues to thrive today, and provides all Australians – especially Aborigines, through generous grants and concessions from the government – with the opportunity to achieve standards of education and prosperity that are the envy of the world.

Also, our bureaucracies are riddled with advisory bodies and indigenous representatives with tens of billions of dollars to spend.

And yet… we are now being asked to rewrite our Constitution to add another permanent body for, in Alan Jones’ words, “the whinging, whining, ungrateful minority of Aboriginal activists”.

It’s time Australians stood up and said, enough! From the Alan Jones Show, 8pm AEST Tuesdays and Wednesdays on ADH.TV.

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  • Bob Buick September 28, 2023   Reply →

    World western politics is becoming socialist as democracies soften their policies to capture woke votes. The failure of the Canadian and New Zealand governments to support Western democratic ideals over the past two or three decades has infiltrated Australia.

  • Richard Barry OAM September 29, 2023   Reply →

    Bring back the likes of our WW2 Prime Ministers. This is not a political statement because one was Liberal and the other Labor. They made good tough decisions for the country’ NOT for personal gain or notoriety. I am certain the ‘silent majority’ out there would applaud such a PM in 2023.

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