We don’t need a voice we need a forensic audit.

The figures are based on the 2017 Indigenous Expenditure Report produced by the Productivity Commission. Source: Professor Matthew Bennett, spokesman for the Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ) and International Barrister with a 25+ year legal career and an expert on international law.

There are:

3,278 Aboriginal corporations

243 Native title bodies

48 Land councils

35 Regional councils

122+ Aboriginal agencies

3 Advisory bodies

145 Health Organisations

11 Indigenous Federal MPs

12 Culturally important Indigenous days


Let’s review the data that is currently available in a clearer manner:

  1. Funding Amount and Population Percentage: Taxpayers contribute $33 billion annually to support 984,000 Indigenous Australians, which represent 3.8% of the country’s population.
  2. Expenditure Breakdown (2012-13):
    • Indigenous Australians: $43,449 per person
    • Non-Indigenous Australians: $20,900 per person

This shows that the expenditure on Indigenous Australians is 2.08 times that of non-Indigenous Australians, an increase from a 1.95 ratio in 2009.

  1. Daily and Annual Expenditure: Australian taxpayers spend approximately $100 million daily on direct support for Indigenous Australians, totaling $39.5 billion of direct government expenditure annually.
  2. Source of the Figures: The data is based on the 2017 Indigenous Expenditure Report produced by the Productivity Commission. The source is also credited to Professor Matthew Bennett from the Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ).
  3. Representation in Parliament: The argument is made that there’s a proposal (or a current situation) where 3.8% of the population (Indigenous Australians) would get a “second voice” in Parliament, which the remaining 97.2% of the population won’t have access to due to not being First Nation individuals.

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  • Owen Carlton October 1, 2023   Reply →

    THIS ABORIGINAL Money Situation Definitely NEEDS a Thorough AUDIT, to see WHERE the $39 Billion goes and where it is Spent and on WHO.
    ALSO, DNA Testing for Aboriginal Bloop d Percentage is present in ALL Indigenous Persons, who Claim they have Aboriginal Blood – I believe that a large Percentage of Indigenous People are Ripping Off Welfare and, will Vote Yes WE cannot Shut Our Eyes FOREVER – Come on Government – GET OFF YOUR BUTT – THIS is YOUR PROBLEM and, it Discriminates from White Austrations. They are “Tick a Box Aborigines” and, They do NOT have to Prove they have Aboriginal Blood – No Wonder the Indigenous has grown Dramatically, in recent Years. Enough is Enough. I cannot do that. Ex Vet – OJC

  • Ivor Biggen October 2, 2023   Reply →

    Owen, we don’t need an audit. Nathan CLEARY has given his support for the YES Vote (Daily Telegraph 02Oct23) so as he can kick a football he must know all the ins and outs of that Ayers Rock Statement of the Heart. And as we have a Labor government now it is up to all of us to bend over and touch our toes and take one for the team. I’m sure Labor will be screwing us at least until the next election. Thank God I can get Vasoline on my Gold Card otherwise it would be a bit of a drama.

    P.S I now tick Abo on every form I fill out.

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