We need a comprehensive national security strategy

Despite the efforts of our defence and intelligence agencies, the Australian public remains largely unaware of the extent of external threats. We need a comprehensive national security strategy, not just a defence plan, to engage all sectors in protecting our sovereignty and countering foreign interference.

While our allies have such strategies in place, our government has neglected crucial areas like border security and industry development. We must follow the example of the late Senator Molan and develop a strategy that encompasses all aspects of national security.

Recent events globally, from Canada to Taiwan, highlight the pervasive threat of foreign interference in democracies. These aggressive nations use social media and other means to undermine our institutions and influence public opinion.

Our democracy is resilient but not invulnerable. We must move beyond short-term politics and prioritize building a safer future for the next generations. It’s time for all levels of government and society to unite in crafting a robust national security strategy, as our children’s future depends on it.



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