This list is not politically centric; rather, it outlines what I would like to see from present and future Australian Governments.

  1. Declare that Australia no longer supports the Net Zero 2050 narrative.
  2. Announce the intention to repeal the ban on nuclear energy for power generation.
  3. Pledge to implement further migration controls and policies incentivizing domestic births. Prioritise countries of origin for immigrants to enhance assimilation.
  4. Avow to discontinue the practice of welcoming Australians to their own country.
  5. Commence an audit of the Aboriginal Industry to ensure funds are directed where they can do the best for the most vulnerable.
  6. Abolish the Assistant Minister for the Republic portfolio.
  7. Launch a Royal Commission into ideological abuses prevalent in tertiary and general education.
  8. Revoke the Misinformation and Disinformation Bill. The Government should not be exempt, as dissent with policy should not be automatically labelled as misinformation or disinformation.
  9. Initiate a probe into Services Australia, especially Centrelink, to address the growing welfare state. Propose tripling unemployment benefits for the first three months, halving them thereafter, and discontinuing benefits after six months. For those who are infirm and unable to work, transition them to disability pension. Eliminate lifetime unemployment benefits.
  10. Agree to better measure foreign aid funding against our domestic economic circumstances.
  11. Begin aggressive efforts to revitalize Australia’s sovereign capabilities, including the production of long-range missile deterrents and prioritizing naval shipbuilding, which has been problematic for the past two decades.
  12. Affirm that a woman, and nothing else, is a biological female.
  13. Withdraw from the United Nations and all associated treaties—a bureaucratic and financial sink that is as useless as those things on bulls.



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