What Happens When a Chinese SPY SHIP Gets Too Close to a US Aircraft Carrier?

Ever wondered what goes down when a Chinese spy ship gets too close to a US aircraft carrier? When an unknown ship pops up on the radar of an American aircraft carrier, the crew swiftly jumps into action. But what exactly is a spy ship? These vessels are equipped with all sorts of gear to eavesdrop on communications, track movements, and gather information about other ships. Their first move? Trying to figure out who’s approaching by using binoculars and trying to make contact. Meanwhile, the captain gets the heads-up, and it’s all hands on deck for assessing the situation. As the spy ship gets dangerously close, the crew springs into action with a bunch of tricks to keep the carrier and its crew safe. They set up barriers and start using electronic warfare tactics to mess with the spy ship’s surveillance and communication gear while keeping their own gear in check.


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