ED: Communism on the march! 

Australia faces the most radical change to the country’s social, economic and racial fabric since Federation.

We are being asked to vote Yes or No in a referendum to alter the Constitution.

But there is scant detail with which to make an informed decision.

According to polls, the lack of information is one of the primary contributing reasons the No vote has been on the rise since the announcement of the referendum.

In place of detail, the Yes vote is opting for a ‘vibe’ using emotive diversions through pop songs and concerts, celebrity and sport endorsements and feel-good ads.

The Prime Minister is choosing his words carefully, suggesting the referendum is asking for a ‘modest’ change, when the opposite is the case.

No change to our Constitution is ‘modest’. It’s a big deal, which is why so many proposed changes to our Constitution historically fail.

A modest change would not require subverting our Constitution.

A modest change to establish a voice could be legislated by the Parliament.

The truth is, what is being asked for is an extremely radical change to the foundation of our nation.

There are several architects of the proposed Voice.

I will take a look at a few of them before the referendum date.

When Anthony Albanese is pressed for detail about this proposed amendment to the Australian Constitution, the Prime Minister’s only response has been to refer to the Calma-Langton Model as the basis for the Voice.

Ben Fordham interviewed Anthony Albanese on 2GB On 18 January 2023. Fordham asked, “will the Voice be a Voice to Parliament or a Voice to Parliament and to Government?”

Albanese replied:

“The work that was done under the former Government, by Tom Calma and Marcia Langton envisaged a parliamentary oversight committee that would have oversight over the activity of the Voice.”

When asked by Fordham whether members of the Voice would be paid, the Prime Minister answered: “I said there’s been no suggestion of that. Go and have a look at the Calma-Langton report.”

Who is ‘Langton’ of the Calma-Langton Report?

‘Langton’ is Marcia Langton, an historic radical Communist activist, a member of the National Committee of the Communist League (CL), a Trotskyist group that campaigned for the violent overthrow of the Australian government and the implementation of a totalitarian state.

Marcia Langton’s views are recognised to be extreme, and she has been the focus of an undercover ASIO operation. Langton has been described by the Trotskyist Newspaper Direct Action as ‘one of the best-known black communist activists in Australia’.

Langton then joined the Marxist Socialist Workers Party in 1977.

Her lifelong purpose has been to overthrow capitalism and to upend our Constitution.

Langton’s agenda is being aided and abetted by fellow lifelong socialist since student days, Anthony Albanese, who tells us he wants to “change the country” to “make us feel better about ourselves”. Never mind that Australians feel very good about the country as it is, without the Communist activists meddling .

Throughout her life, when her radical ideas are questioned, or outright rejected she invokes the ‘racist’ card. Her public comments are littered with accusations of racism.

Her school books were racist.

People in the shops were racist.

Her university lecturer was racist.

Her green and leftist critics are guilty of “arrogant racism”.

Social workers are “white and racist”.

Police are “racist”.

Referendum No voters engaged in “racism” and “stupidity”.

When she was young, “apartheid” Queensland was so racist that “no civil or HUMAN rights were accorded to my people” (untrue).

Schools in her youth were “horrible, racist hellholes” whose “teachers were the kind of people who still advocated killing Aboriginal people”, yet she was made house captain at Brisbane’s Aspley High by these “racists”.

Langton has accused Jacinta Nampijinpa Price of “legitimising racism” and Price and her mother, Bess, as “coloured help”.

She wished a “slow, painful death” on Mark Latham.

“You so deserve a slow, painful death and humiliating obituaries e.g. ‘Australia celebrates as white supremacist, homophobic, far right wing arsehole finally dies’,

Langton’s close associate Peter Rob from the Communist League wrote a piece about Marcia Langton in 2011:

“Langton has been thinking about the Constitutional status of Indigenous Australians for even longer than she has about the life crisis in remote communities. She wants the remaining vestiges of race power wiped from the Constitution. She has been talking for 40 years about racism in Australia. Her life pivots on this word. She grew up politically in the late ’60s and has matured but never abandoned the language and style of her youthful anger.’

Langton also hails the fraudulent Bruce Pascoe as an Aborigine (when the aborigines of the tribe from where he claims to have originated have no record of him) and has called Pascoe’s debunked, fictional Dark Emu “the most important book on Australia”.

At a keynote address to the Lowitja Institute’s third international indigenous health and wellbeing con­ference, Langton said:

“People who are opposing (the voice referendum) are saying we are destroying the fabric of their sacred Constitution. Yes, that’s right, that’s exactly what we’re doing,”

In 2019 Langton abused a young gay man who had defended Israel Folau after he was sacked by Rugby Australia for quoting the Bible.

Langton said, “he probably thinks he’s gay because he masturbates too much.”

When challenged on Twitter, Langton replied with more homophobic abuse,

“Gay? I don’t think so, more like Milo. Twisted.”

In October 2019, Langton said of those who have climbed Ayers Rock: “A curse will fall on all of them”, and wrote (as images showed hundreds lining up for a final Uluru clamber),

“They will remember how they defiled this sacred place until they die and history will record their contempt for Aboriginal culture.”

Langton has never disavowed her extremist Communist beliefs. Her entire life demonstrates a determined commitment to her beliefs.

She was so extreme in her Marxism that she was once the focus of an undercover ASIO operation.

One of the core beliefs of Trotskyism is that Australia doesn’t deserve to exist as a country and should be destroyed.

Langton’s fellow Trotskyist and academic, Tom Bramble, has declared that even just the sight of an Australian flag makes him want to puke.

Is it appropriate the woman who is charged with “shaping a framework towards developing options for an Indigenous voice to all levels of government” may still believe the government she has been tasked with advising should be destroyed?

You need to know this, because the current Prime Minister does not want to disclose the detail of the Voice to the ill-informed general public.

It’s not that The Prime Minister and architects to the Voice are unable to give you the detail to the voice.

They simply don’t want you to know what’s behind this Communist takeover of the country through our Constitution.


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    With people such as Marcia Langton promoting the Yes vote it does make the decision for the people of Australia absolute.


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