Why America’s Veterans Need a Second Term of President Trump

ED: This in my inbox this morning from a member in the US.

As a retired Navy SEAL senior chief with 26 years of service and now chairman of the House Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity, I have dedicated my life to supporting our nation’s veterans. My top priority in Congress is to serve my fellow veterans and address the devastating issue of veteran suicide. Unfortunately, President Joe Biden’s administration has repeatedly failed our service members, most notably during the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan which resulted in the tragic deaths of 13 American soldiers and left thousands of Americans stranded under Taliban rule.

In stark contrast, President Donald Trump demonstrated unwavering support for our veterans and military families. This is why I proudly support his bid for a second term and lead the “Veterans for Trump” coalition.

Between 1.9 and 3 million U.S. service members have participated in post-9/11 operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. President Biden’s mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal in August 2021 was a betrayal to all of us. During the solemn ceremony for the fallen 13 service members, Biden’s disrespectful behavior, such as checking his watch, highlighted his indifference. To this day, he has never publicly acknowledged their names, which is utterly reprehensible.

Moreover, Biden’s administration has mismanaged the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), further disrespecting our veteran community. Reports revealed that the VA, under Biden’s watch, improperly awarded nearly $11 million in bonuses to ineligible executives. This misuse of funds meant for veterans’ needs is disgraceful and symptomatic of broader fiscal mismanagement that has led to inflation affecting all American families.

Our veterans were significantly better off under President Trump. He tirelessly worked to ensure the government served veterans effectively. Trump established the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection to hold negligent VA employees accountable and created a White House VA Hotline staffed primarily by veterans and their families. This hotline handled over 250,000 calls, resolving 94% of cases.

Trump also prioritized veterans’ health care by signing the VA Mission Act, which expanded access to health care, including walk-in community clinics and telehealth services for veterans in rural areas through the “Anywhere to Anywhere” program. Additionally, he launched the PREVENTS Initiative to provide mental health support and signed an executive order guaranteeing mental health care for veterans for at least one year post-discharge.

President Trump’s tenure was marked by decisive actions to support our service members. Our nation’s veterans, who have risked their lives to protect our freedoms, deserve the best care and benefits. Now more than ever, we need a strong advocate in the White House. I am committed to working closely with President Trump to continue this mission when he is re-elected.


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  • Ernest Chamberlain June 4, 2024   Reply →

    Trump and Vietnam Service:
    Washington Post – 5 June 2019: Donald Trump, Selective Service registrant No. 50-63-46-580, never served in the military during the Vietnam War. Neither did 15 million other young American men who won student deferments or were otherwise disqualified. But 9 million Americans did serve during the 11-year conflict, and the cultural and political gulf that opened between them and those who avoided involvement in a bloody, unpopular and losing war remains a festering national wound half a century later.
    Trump steered himself around service in Vietnam by obtaining four student deferments and one medical disqualification — something to do with a bone spur in one or both of his heels — between 1964 and 1972.
    Trump: “I was never a fan of that war, I’ll be honest with you,” he told Morgan. “I thought it was a terrible war; I thought it was very far away. You’re talking about Vietnam at that time — nobody ever heard of the country.”
    With septuagenarians Trump, Sanders (I-Vt.) and Biden in the race, this is likely to be the last presidential election in which candidates’ decisions about serving in Vietnam will be a political issue. Sanders, 77, a vocal opponent of the war while he was at the University of Chicago, applied for conscientious objector status, but aged out of draft eligibility before his application was processed. Biden, 76, got student deferments when he was at the University of Delaware and was then reclassified as disqualified for service because he had asthma. …
    For the full article, see: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-on-vietnam-despite-five-deferments-hed-have-been-honored-to-serve/2019/06/05/88a17bfe-87a2-11e9-a870-b9c411dc4312_story.html

  • Joshua Dineley June 4, 2024   Reply →

    What has this got to do with Australian veterans! We all know that Trump is a lying, and now convicted felon. To those American’s who may read this email I say’ “How can you seriously elect someone who as soon as he opens his mouth the lies come out!?” I hate to think what will happen to Australia if Trump gets a second term. Don’t forget he is the one who would disband NATO and He is the one who told a NATO member that if they didn’t pay their way, then Putin would be ok to attack! Think about that and the consequences it would bring. I served my time in the Australian Army as a conscript, and I am proud that I did. This article I am sure was written by another “MAGA” supporter who ended his rant, ” I am committed to working closely with President Trump to continue this mission when he is re-elected.” So again I ask, “What the hell is this email to do with the Australian Armed Forces, and why is it published here”!?

  • Gary Burgess June 4, 2024   Reply →

    Gary Burgess.

    Very hard to understand people who would vote for a criminal to run their country, who is also a person that calls people that serve their country losers, as far i can tell two losers here, navy seal with too much water on brain and his criminal friend, the one who dodged service completely

    • Joshua Dineley June 5, 2024   Reply →

      Completely agree with you Gary. I just can’t understand the American Psyche, Why would a political party even think of nominating such a lying, hypocritical, dictatorial person to run for the most powerful position in the world. The GOP (Grand Old Party) as the Republicans call themselves are now backing a convicted felon who was unanimously found guilty on 34 counts overall. Not only that but the Supreme Court of America with its Trump majority, is now threatening the whole democratic system that has been in place for over 250 years. As I stated, look out if this criminal is voted as the next US President. Chaos will reign supreme (no pun intended).

  • Chris Hunter June 5, 2024   Reply →

    while American veterans may ‘need?’ a second term of Trump, the rest of the world does not!

  • stevow June 6, 2024   Reply →

    Wow that piece brought out all the haters and unthinking communist sympathisers. trump is appealing, and although the judge is corrupt he may still win his appeal, and so not be a convicted felon. Seems the above are like the judge, outcome determined before the trial.

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