Woodside shareholder reject net zero plans

Woodside Energy, an Australian petroleum giant, recently faced a significant decision from its shareholders regarding its climate plan. During the company’s annual general meeting on April 24, shareholders voted on various matters, including the chairman’s position and a proposed action plan for transitioning to net zero emissions.

Despite the re-election of Chairman Richard Goyder with strong support, the climate plan put forward by the management was rejected by 58.4 percent of shareholders. While this vote is non-binding, it reflects a clear divergence between the company’s vision for decarbonization and the sentiments of the majority of its shareholders.

Woodside’s climate action plan aimed to achieve reductions in both direct and indirect emissions, setting ambitious targets for the coming years. However, the shareholder vote suggests that there is significant disagreement among investors regarding the company’s approach to addressing climate change.

In response to the outcome, Chairman Goyder expressed disappointment but also emphasized his respect for the shareholders’ decision. He noted the complexities of the energy transition and highlighted the extensive engagement efforts undertaken by the company with shareholders and proxy advisors over the past year.

During the meeting, Goyder underscored the challenges faced by Woodside in pursuing renewable energy investments, citing the need for sufficient demand and willingness from customers to make necessary trade-offs, particularly regarding financial considerations.

While acknowledging the concerns raised by shareholders, Goyder also recognized the substantial costs incurred by many of Woodside’s customers in the current energy landscape. This acknowledgment underscores the delicate balance the company faces in navigating the transition to a lower-carbon future while meeting the needs of its stakeholders.

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  • Stan Walters April 29, 2024   Reply →

    Climate change is ALL about money…if you don’t support climate change as a scientist you are either out of work or you get NO money. if you want to get money from the government for any studies all ups have to do is add the words “CLIMATE CHANGE” to your proposal and the government will chuck heaps of money your way. All you have to do is to look where this craze started!!!

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