I smell a Rat in the Ranks

I smell a Rat in the Ranks

The new Townsville Mayor Troy Thompson has been called out over false valour. Claimed he had military service in a Signals Regiment in WA. And worked with the SASR in communications.

Had it on his social media site, prior to his election as the new Mayor for Townsville.

Has been called out, to provide evidence of his service. And has since deleted his social media site reference to his so called military service.

Now get this.

He can’t remember his service number, and has submitted a request to Defence, to obtain it.

Even my old Man could rattle off his Airforce service number, back in the 1980s from 1944.  When I asked him if he still remembered it.



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  • Greg Bland May 1, 2024   Reply →

    Oh no not a high level official claiming to be X service and he taint. Can’t remember his service number!!!!! Then he ain’t X service because you who life revolves around this number.
    Shame on you. Apologise to all of your constituents who voted for you.

  • Graeme Potts May 1, 2024   Reply →

    They walk among us.

  • John Skinner May 1, 2024   Reply →

    It definitely sounds sus.
    As you say, our service numbers are never forgotten. I have been out since 1976 and can recite it off without thinking about it.
    In my time in an RSL Sub-Branch, I have ‘outed’ five imposters.
    Each one of them had a different reason why they couldn’t remember their service number and all of them ‘served’ with SAS, Clearance Divers or with American troops in secret ops with the CIA.
    Funnily enough, none were cooks, drivers, stewards, service corps, med corps or had sedentary jobs.
    John Skinner, ex 5RAR, 217362

  • Joe Dineley May 1, 2024   Reply →

    One thing you never forget is your service number. I’m 75 and still remember mine! He’s a bullshitter!

  • Richard Barry OAM May 2, 2024   Reply →

    Like your birthdate, no one forgets their regimental/service number. Taking it one step further I have Vietnam mates who can rattle off the bolt number for their SLR.

  • stevow May 2, 2024   Reply →

    I couldn’t remember my Reg numbers from Arty in 60s and Infantry in 70s, not that it excuses anyone, so I had to ask DVA for the details.

  • Ron Evans May 2, 2024   Reply →

    Everyone can remember their regimental number. The only ones who cannot are found to be pretenders. I thought this was a crime. Joined 1967 And I still know mine.

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